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“The greatest wealth is health“ – Virgil

Kinesiology is a safe, holistic therapy that is suitable for people of all ages.  The aim is to rebalance the physical, chemical and emotional to achieve the optimum sense of well-being.

Developed from Dr Goodheart’s Applied Kinesiology in 1964, systematic kinesiology uses the body’s bio-feedback mechanism to gain information through muscle testing. According to the principles of kinesiology, a block in the energy pathways indicates an imbalance and may be addressed using a number of tools, including nutritional supplements and diet, natural remedies, stress relief techniques, massage and lifestyle changes.

How Kinesiology Can Help You

The way that our bodies react to imbalance is unique to each individual, and only you will be able to assess how kinesiology impacts on your health and well-being.  Some of the conditions that clients have asked me to help them with include stress, back pain, allergies, anxiety, muscle pain, digestive problems and insomnia amongst many others.  I always recommend that clients consult a doctor in addition to seeking treatment through kinesiology.

Put a Bounce in Your Step

Contact me to arrange an initial consultation, during which we will discuss your health needs and history.  The kinesiology method uses feedback from your muscle resistance to light pressure; I will use gentle techniques to assess your energy circuits. You will be fully clothed and the tests are simple and undemanding.

The initial consultation takes around 90 minutes and most clients need between two and five subsequent sessions which last for an hour. Treatment costs vary depending on the type and length of treatment required, so please call to discuss your individual needs. Recommended nutritional supplements can be ordered separately.